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Check out what ImageFIRST employees have to say about how management treats them and their struggle to make ends meet.

Duchene Thermitus

“I’ve been at ImageFIRST for nearly 8 years. Management changes policies whenever they want. Now we have to use our vacation time if we get hurt at work. All of our sick time, vacation time, and personal days are in the same bank; and now disability days even come out of those hours.”

Duchene Thermitus, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ

Lidia Peguero

“At first, when I started to work there everything was normal and very good. Soon after the company began to demand higher production numbers. I remember they were asking for a very high number. Sometimes I had to work alone in the gown department.”

“In 2013 I was pregnant. My pregnancy was complicated. I asked my supervisor for a [medical] leave. She told me that I had to talk to the managers and they denied my leave. I decided to quit my job because of my complicated pregnancy. I called for
unemployment and ImageFIRST denied my unemployment.”

Lidia Peguero, Former ImageFIRST employee in Farmington, Conn.

Nora Palacios

“I need public assistance because my wage is not enough to make the ends meet. I collect food stamps and Medicaid.”

Nora Palacios, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Inocencio Diaz

“When they gave me this last [wage] increase they took me to the office
and told me not to say anything to any coworker because not all of them
received the same increase.”

“It’s not fair that they take days of my vacation if I get sick
or I have an emergency.”

Inocencio Diaz, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Rosalore Certil Vernet

“I have worked at ImageFIRST for nearly two years. I work in the soil room. I think we need a union so we are treated fairly at work. Recently, everyone else in the soil room received a $1.25 raise. I only received $0.85. There are now people being hired off the street making more than me. That isn’t fair. I have two children I need to take care of.”

Roselore Certil Vernet, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Maria Alacote

“[There] shouldn’t be so much pressure to meet the production numbers because they are always reminding us that we have to get to 100% and now it will be written on the wall too.”

“My improvement would be not to have another job, because it’s not
enough what they pay me right now”

Maria Alacote, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Wilman Joseph

“I work overtime often. I have to work overtime because the company doesn’t pay me enough. My coworkers agree that we are not paid enough… There are even some supervisors that say we aren’t paid enough. I am speaking up because I know that many of my co-workers are afraid to.”

“ImageFIRST never gives us a break. Anytime there is a holiday they make
us work a different day during the week to make up our hours. We never
get to rest. Anytime we call out it comes out of our vacation time.”

Wilman Joseph, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ

Nidia Chanci

“I cannot afford the company’s health insurance because it’s too
expensive; if I paid the company’s insurance it would leave nothing from
my wage and my kids need health insurance .”

“To me, earning $15/h would mean better life quality because I don’t
earn enough to pay the bills, if I pay one thing I cannot pay the other.
I would like to give so many things to my kids. But it’s impossible
with my wage.”

Nidia Chancy, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Maria Rodriguez

“Right now it’s too hard to pay all my bills with the money I earn and
there’s not enough money to go out with my kids, and it’s even more
difficult without a car.”

“I think we need a union to be better treated at work. We want managers
to treat us equally, without preference.”

Maria Rodriguez, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Christopher Peguero

“…I had a lot of problems with my free days, because if I had a Doctor’s appointment I couldn’t go because I had to ask a week ahead and many times they said they couldn’t give me the free day because there was a lot of work so I had to cancel the appointment.”

“Basically I had a schedule to clock in but not to clock out. I had to go to study and I arrived late because they said that I couldn’t leave until the job was done.”

Christopher Peguero, Former ImageFIRST employee in New Britain, Conn.

Liliana Mejia

“…if a machine broke I had to clock out but they didn’t pay me for that time and I had to wait until the machine was fixed to start over.”

Liliana Mejía, Former ImageFIRST employee in New Britain, Conn.

Ostri Mendoza

"[If I got paid $15/h I’d] help my family and not spend so much on medicine. I also could save for my retirement in order to be able to have a decent retirement.”

“I want to improve in my work. [I’d] change production because there’s too much pressure to get to 100%.”

Ostri Mendoza, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Marc Julien

“I’ve been at ImageFIRST for almost 8 years. I support the union because I am not satisfied with the way we are treated: it’s hard to support my family with the money I make.”

Marc Julien, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Carmen Gonzalez

“I want them to respect our rights and our benefits: our vacation days,
our sick days, [and] personal days. We deserve them because we work hard
and we are who make the production go on. They should give us what we
deserve legally.”

Carmen Gonzalez, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Marie Myrtha Dorcelian

Marie Myrtha Dorcelian, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Marco Gamboa

“I want them to value us at the workplace. They don’t respect us nor
give us a fair wage. We work hard to get the production but the company
doesn’t value our contribution to ImageFIRST’s success.”

Marcos Gamboa, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Angel Matos

Angel Matos, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Ana Sarzo

“The doctor gave me two sick days and most likely they will give me two points and take them from my vacation days.”

Ana Sarzo, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Vilcame Lafontant

“I am often afraid that because I am moving so quickly and in such a
hurry that I will get stuck by a needle or a medical instrument. I often
fear that I will get blood, bodily fluids, or fecal matter on me.”

Vilcame Lafontant, former ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Maria Almonte

“I’m forced to use government assistance because my wage is not enough to pay the bills. Every week I pay a bill and I don’t buy personal things for me because [my wage] is not enough.”

Maria Almonte, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

wiveck phavah

“I have 3 children. A 16 year old, 17 year old, and a 5 year old. I’d like to get paid better and have more affordable insurance.”

“I make less than $400 a week. My rent is $1,000 a month. My electricity is $200 a month. I spend $70 a week on gas to get back and forth from work and $88 for internet in the house so my kids can do their school work. I also send money that is left over to my mom and cousin in Haiti to help them.”

Wiveck Phavah, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.

Claudia Ulloa

“The company makes changes to the policy without taking into account its employees, giving us points for everything, and harming us with its practices.”

Claudia Ulloa, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.


Juan Puello

“I believe that working people have to organize in order to be able to
reach our dreams. [It] will become hope for our families.”

Juan Puello, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.


Jose Jimenez

“I worked at a union shop before. I believe that when we work at a place
that has a union contract we have a voice and labor representation [at
the workplace].”

José Jiménez, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.


"I have Medicaid for the whole family; for me, my kids and my parents. I also have food stamps for the kids…. I don’t have medical insurance [from] the job because it is too expensive."

"If I earn $15/hour, that would help me a lot with the bills. I could take better care of my kids' needs and my family."

Exana Estelus, ImageFIRST employee in Clifton, NJ.