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Remarkable Service?

Many ImageFIRST employees rely on taxpayer-funded healthcare to care for their families. Some of those employees also use food stamps. ImageFIRST puts its image ahead of its employees and our community.

Truly Remarkable?


Great employees provide quality and inventory management in poor working conditions that don’t assure employee’s "peace of mind" and even less "satisfaction."

Resting Assured?


At ImageFirst they say they understand that "comfort is the key to providing exceptional care," but the reality is that its employees but the reality is that its employees enjoy little comfort, far from exceptional care under poor working conditions.

Getting Comfortable?


ImageFIRST employees are paid unlivable wages under pressure to meet production goals. Management doesn't value its employees' contribution to the company's success.

Finding Value?

"In 2013 I was pregnant. My pregnancy was … complicated. I asked my supervisor for a [medical] leave. She told me that I had to talk to the managers and they denied my leave. I decided to quit my job because of my complicated pregnancy. I called for unemployment and ImageFIRST denied my unemployment."

— Lidia Peguero, Former ImageFIRST employee in Farmington, Conn.